Fox Mulder

Recruited into the Bureau after studying psychology at Oxford, Special Agent Fox Mulder was on a fast track in the FBI when he suddenly took a detour into the paranormal in the early 90's. Convinced through hypnotic regression that his only sister was abducted by some unknown force when they were children, Mulder became obsessed with discovering the truths hidden in the X-files, a repository for the extraordinary, the unexplained and the supernatural.

Early in his career, the brilliant agent became highly popular after his early monograph on serial killers and the occult led to the capture of a notorious killer. But instead of maintaining his stellar career within the Bureau, Mulder became a social outcast and was nicknamed "spooky" by his peers for his knowledge of "little green men". Opposed by enemies within the Bureau itself and beyond, the only person he fully trusts is his friend and partner, Dana Scully.

Mulder's workaholic lifestyle eventually robbed him of his parents, who were murdered in his persuit to uncover answers. In 1999, however, the agent finally discovered the secret behind his sister's disappearance. After she was kidnapped and subjected to governmental testing, a spiritual intervention transported her soul to heaven.

No sooner after finding closer from his sister's death, Fox Mulder was abducted by a spaceship. After his body was returned dead, Mulder was hospitalized and revived to perfect health with the help of his partner. Following the birth of his and Scully's child, William, Mulder has recently fleed from the FBI in what he considers a continual persuit for the truth.

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