The X-Files Offical Site
The Official X-files site. Contains character bios, actor bios, episode information and the latest X-files news.

The Church of X-Files
This rather interesting X-files page contains tons of information. There are sections on the episodes, links, fan fic, discussion boards, interesting terminology, etc. You can also join the X-files "congregation". Frequently updated.

The X-File In-Jokes List
Amazingly expansive site that chronicles all the little nuances you and I might have missed. Find out where Vince Gilligan manages to mention his girlfriend in the episodes. Discover the reason behind the name of a secondary character.

Idealist Haven for the FBI's Most Unwanted
This is probably one of the most popular X-files website on the internet, aside from the Official X-files page. It offers current information on upcoming episodes, spoilers, a message board and recent information about the actors.

GAWS: The Gillian Anderson Website
The ultimate site for fans of Gillian Anderson. It's got pictures, news, and articles. It's a cornicopia of all things-Gillian.

Autumn Tysko's Episode Reviews
Though she doesn't update as often, Autumn offers the most thorough analysis of each episode, including nitpicks and personal opinion. She features all seven seasons, and a few episodes from the 8th.

The Robert Patrick Experience
A webpage dedicated to all Dogget fans, AKA Robert Patrick. Includes personal bios and pics.

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