Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Chris Carter, and what does he have to do with the X-files?

A: Chris Carter is the creator of the series. In 1992, Fox took the risk of hiring some unknown producers, including Carter, who had previously worked for Disney, CBS and NBC. He noticed there wasnít anything scary in television, so he wanted to produce something different that would frighten the public. Says Carter: "I just wanted to do something a scary as I remember the Night Stalker was when I was in my teens." The X-files was his result.

Q: Where do the story ideas for the show come from?

A: Usually from magazines, newspapers and journals that Carter and his crew have read. At other times, says Carter: "I'll suggest something out of the blue, and that will become a story."

Q: How did Carter create the characters' names?

A: He grew up with someone with the name "Fox", and the name "Mulder" was his motherís maiden name. "Dana" happens to be his favorite female name, and "Scully" actually comes from baseball announcer Vin Scully. The name "Doggett" comes from Jerry Doggett, Vin Scully's co-worker on the Dodgers.

Q:Where did the show's main logo "The Truth is Out There" come from?

A:Chris Carter: "That one hit me because I wanted something that summed up the philosophy of the show in those main titles."

Q:Does Scully have any children?

A: Yes, a son named William who was born in May 2001. Though it hasn't been rightfully admitted, Mulder is strongly believed to be the father. Scully also had a daughter named Emily who died from a rare form of anemia in 1997.

Q:Is there an official website where I can find the X-files?

A: Though there are hundreds of X-files pages on the web, there is indeed an official site with episode listings, pictures, recent news and interviews. The address is

Q: I loved The X-files movie that came out in 1998. Are there any plans for a sequel?

A:You bet. In fact, Chris Carter and producers Frank Spotnitz and Kim Manners are making plans with Fox for an upcoming movie. Though shooting times are unknown, the project will star both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, as well as newcomers Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish.

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