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Dating back to 1916, women's ice hockey teams from Canada and the United States have competed against each other. April 1987 was the first ever World Invitational Tournament hosted by the Women's Hockey Association. It was a success. During that tournament, representatives from several nations met to discuss the future of women's ice hockey. They also created a strategy to lobby the International Ice Hockey Federation for a Women's World Championship.

This led to the first-ever IIHF Women's World Championship, which was held in March 1990 in Ontario. Canada won the gold medal and repeated as champion at the next three IIHF Women's World Championships, with the United States taking the silver medal and Finland the bronze in each of those years.

April 1995 saw the creation of the first-ever IIHF Pacific Women's Hockey Championship. The 1996 IIHF Pacific Women's Hockey Championship, where Canada, the U.S., and China repeated as gold, silver and bronze medallists.

The U.S. women defeated Canada, 3-0, in the championship game of the 1997 Three Nations Cup, it marking the first time Canada had ever been shut out. It was also Team USA's first gold medal, foreshadowing the future.

Women's ice hockey received its most prestigious acknowledgment in 1992 when the International Olympic Committee voted to include it as a full-medal Olympic sport. Making the 1998 Olympic Winter Games the first ever to feature Women's Hockey. Team USA defeated Team Canada, 3-1, making them the first ever to win an Olympic gold medal. In the 2002 Olympic Winter Games the U.S. Olympic Team-Women's Ice Hockey won the silver medal. (Team Canada won gold).

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