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Picture of hockey manHockey RulesPicture of hockey man

There are Three Main Hockey Rules
Below is an image of a hockey rink, with lines showing the distance a puck must travel to trigger an official to call a penalty for a violation of one of the three main rules of hockey.

Picture of Hockey rink

  1. Icing the Puck
    Icing the puck is when a player shoots the puck all the way down the ice from his team's side, and it crosses the red goal line and is first touched by a defending player. If this happens play is stopped and the puck is returned to the other end of the ice for a face-off.

  2. Offside
    A team is called offside if they are the attacking team and they cross the defending team's blue line before the puck. If both skates are over the blue line before the puck, the player is offside. If he has only one skate over the blue line and one on it, he is onside.

  3. Offside Pass
    When a player passes the puck from his defending zone to a teammate beyond the center red line it is an offside pass. The position of the puck is the determining factor in deciding an offside pass and not the player's skates.

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