This is my first web page. You can contact me through: MY EMAIL I am a 24-year old college student. Monday through Friday, I consume myself with school work. When I'm not focusing on school, I like to exercise, cook healthly food, and watch Oprah. But, on the weekends, I get to unwind and spend time with my love, Justin.
To My Baby I can't wait for the weekends. They are what keep me going strong during the long week days. This is the only time that I have a moment to relax.
The University of Florida UF is the college I attend as a full time student. Yes, I'm on the five-year plan, but I'm loving every minute of it. I couldn't have asked to be part of a better University.
To Health, Fitness, and Oprah Staying fit and healthy means a lot to me. Mind and body work as one. Being physically healthy keeps the body in shape, and mind strong.