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We Were Soldiers Focuses on the battle that took place in 1965 during the Vietnam War, We Were Soldiers is a recreation of the strategies, obstacles, and odds faced by the troops that participated in the war. The Movie hits on all cylniders with Mel Gibson playing a character he plays all too regularly, but he is Mel so he does it so good no one cares. The movie grips your heart several timesa and grips your stomach on more than one ocassion. The cinematography is wonderfuland the battle scenes dominate the movie. However even the build up to the battle is done well as the outlines of why The United States ended up losing the Conflict in Vietnam without stepping on too many toes.

Rating: 85/100

Return to Neverland The newest edition to the story of Peter Pan opens a new chapter in Walt Disney’s classic "Peter Pan", as once more we take a magical journey to a place where we never grow up. This movie although not quite the original is the best of Disney's latest remake craze. It has old fashioned animation with a touch of the computer animation. The story and plot are basiclaly the same as the first one down to a creature chasing old Captain Hook. Although this time it is an octopus instead of a crocodile.
Rating 73/100

A Beautiful Mind The biography of John Forbes Nash, Jr., A Beautiful Mind explores the life of the man who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994. While not quite up to the hype of its Academy Award nomination. A Beautiful Mind is a well done biography of Nash -- something you have to give it credit for since it is an biography about an economist. The movie does keep one at suspense harboring between Nash's own reality and true reality.
Rating 86/100

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring J. R. R. Tolkien's groundbreaking epic of good versus evil, extraordinary heroes, wondrous creatures and dark armies of terror will be presented in a trilogy of feature films. Fellowship, the first in the series, is a visual wonder and the acting by Ian McKellen brigns the story to life. While some panty waists might complain about sitting for three hours and then not having a true ending to the book, the movie is outstanding. There is not supposed to be and ending that is why it is called a trilogy! Dumb people might not realize this and might lambast the movie. However, this could be the best movie of 2001 and deserves some serious Academy Award consideration.
Rating 92/100

The Count of Monte Cristo "The Count of Monte Cristo" is Alexandre Dumas' classic story of an innocent man wrongly but deliberately imprisoned and his brilliant strategy for revenge against those who betrayed him. The flim is a wonderful remake of a novel. While not an Academy Award winner, the action sequences are subperb and the plot is paced well and makes this one worth the price of admission.
Rating 80/100

Snow Dogs: Poor Cuba Gooding, once he did films like Jerry McGuire and As Good as it Gets now he does Snow Dogs. While some children under the age of 10 might enjoy this movie, not many other people will. It is cliched, silly and uncreative. The dogs are cute. The herione in the film is as well. The rest of the movie trys to be but is about as cute as dog food.
Rating 30/100

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