Gamma Eta

Gamma Etas In fall of 1999, I joined Gamma Eta Sorority. Gamma Eta was founded at UF in 1995. Our sisterhood is predominately Hispanic women, however there are many sisters representing backgrounds from all over the world. Gamma Eta is one of the best decisions I have made since at UF. I love all of my sisters. We have so much fun when we get together, wheter it is watching a movie, going out to dinner, or attending events.
This past fall, I recieved my first Little Sister. Her name is Shara. She is from Boca, just like me. I nicknamed her "Speedracer" because of the way she drives her VW Bug. Shara and I enjoy going out to clubs together, shopping at the mall, and love to driving to Boca together. Our first trip to Boca was a blast. We ended up getting stuck in traffic for an extra hour and a half. We talked to the whole time and came to realize how alike we are. My Little Sister, Shara
Jessie, Jare, Michelle, Jennie, Lizzy, Carla and me with Albert at DM 2001 Of all the philantrophies Gamma Eta participates in, Dance Marathon is one of my favorites. Last year was my first year dancing. 32 hours on your feet is difficult, but we had so much fun. We partipated in games, learned a silly dance, and even had sisters from out of town come to visit. I will be dancing again this year. I am really excited and can't wait.
 Gamma Etas at a Gator Game Lizzy, Annette, Carolyn, Ondi and me

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