Govern a small family as you would cook a small fish;very gently-Chinese Proverb

Haydy, Rina and Mapoli

The Generations

From the left is my sister Haydy, my mom Rina and my grandmother Mapoli. I took the photo when my grandmother came to visit the U.S. from Honduras. I think the women in my family are more beautiful as they age.

Rina and Carlos

Making it last

These are my parents Rina and Carlos. They've been married for 25 years! As the story goes, my dad first met my mom when he enrolled in the English class she was teaching. My mother says she will never forget how bummy my dad looked then: T-shirt and flipflops.


The Violin Affair

My brother David, 20, began playing the violin 8 years ago. My mother jokes that he's having an affair with his violin because he spends so much time playing and hauling it wherever he goes.

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