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Zeta Beta Tau

My life in ZBT has consisted of many things, unfortunately a lot of people have the misconception that fraternities are a bunch of elitist, spoiled children, but I found that to be untrue.

I found out that fraternities, regardless of race, gender, or religion is just another club on campus to be a part of, which includes dues, standards to be upheld and many great experiences that will help in all facets of life.

And for the people that think fraternities are a big waste of money, they are probably right, but those same people who think its a waste of money will go to spring break for 500-plus dollars and blow it all on one weekend in Cancun or Key West. To get to the point, money is wasted in a bunch of different ways, why shouldn't it be wasted on a semester worth of fun, rather than one weekend?

Moreover, strong national fraternities such as ZBT offer several scholarships including the two that I have received the past two years.

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If you want to check out the ZBT National's Web page its pretty cool, there it is.

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