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" If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is where I was born and what my lousy childhood was like, and how my parents were occupied, and all that David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don't feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth."

Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger

Ok, my life is not nearly as fascinating as Holden Caulfield's and I'm not exactly in a psychiatric hospital (although some might liken a reporting lab to such an institution). But that is a quote that I love and one that I think is also a good starting point for my Web page. I have no intention of starting form my days of mitosis, I will tell you some of the highlight of my life, my goals in life and preferences and opinions. Hopefully this information will give a bit more insight into who I am. University of Florida My birthday is March 14, 1982. I have seven older siblings, five brothers and two sisters. I grew up in a little district called Islington, St. Mary, which is in Jamaica. I went to the Wolmer’s High School for Girls, where I met the other members of Sk.I, the four friends that have become sisters to me over the years. After I graduated from high school I moved to United States to attend college. I spent two years at Broward Community college (which is in south Florida) and now I am at the University of Florida. My major is Online Media, with and outside concentration on International Relations.

I haven't really done much with my life so far, but I guess my most note worthy achievements are my efforts as the editor of my high school year book and getting the Departmental Award for Journalism from Broward Community College. There are others, but none really huge. Hopefully in a few years I'll have a lot more achievements to speak of.


Do more things than I can possibly think of at the moment. I actually started my "to do" list when I was about eight. Of course back then I though that I would have done most of those things by the time I was 20, and I still have done half of them as yet. Ok, at the top of my list are : learn another language (I've been trying Spanish for years, but I get the feeling I should attempt something else...German, perhaps) Learn to play a musical instrument (I like the piano, but guitar or violin would be cool too) Sky dive, I want to do that but I know I am going to pee my pants if I ever do. Learn an exotic dance, date a guy who doesn't speak any English, own my own place, have a job I actually enjoy, get married (not till I'm more than 26 though) and get a PhD in something. There are also some books to read and places to go on my list. I have done some of them (such as riding a mechanical bull...I was petrified), others I'm still working on. I'll let you know if I ever finish all of them.


Ideally, I would love a job as a web master for a news magazine like Time or Newsweek. But my career goals at the moment are pretty open. I want a job that makes me happy to go there each day, one that challenges me and leaves me with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Any job that meet these need (and also my financial needs) would be fine.


Australia, China, Sweden, Brazil, Spain, Italy and tour America.

I love watching movies, but I wouldn't call myself a movie buff. There are actors and actresses that I like to see, such as Al Pachino, John Travolta, Russell Crowe, Robert Deniro, Julia Roberts, Samuel Jackson, Charleze Theron and Meg Ryan. And Mel! How could I forget Mel Gibson!!? Anyway, these are some of my top movie picks :

The Matrix Brave Heart Get Shorty BOOKS

I LOVE to read, unfortunately, school does not give me the time to pursue this passion. I have read some really good books over the years though, and I recommend them to anyone who loves an involved, exciting and unpredictable story. Here are my picks for a good read :

Eye of the Needle Harry Potter Jane Eyre Lord of the Rings Sands of Time Red Dragon/> 
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I love music, and I listen to all kinds of music; classical, techno, Rn'B, alternative, Rock n' Roll, rap, pop, reggae, dance hall, jazz, rhythm n' blues, Latin, calypso and music I don't even understand. What I listen to at any point in time depends on my mood, but I can safely say I'm not a fan of Heavy Metal or hard-core rap. That stuff gives me a head ache. There are some that I like more than others, alternative for example. I also love music I can dance to. One of my favorite artists is Sarah McClacken, any song by her I love. I also like Counting Crows, Match Box20 and Dave Mathews Band. But my favorite song is "Angel" by Sarah. Oicenth


As I mentioned earlier, I love to read. My "spear time" (assuming such a thing exists) is desperately stretched between reading and my other hobbies; drawing, writing, and my new found past time, Web page design. I also love to cook, especially new dishes. I’ve been told I'm not too bad in the kitchen all around. Another passion of mine is dancing... nothing changes my mood like some good music. I also love hanging out with my family, friends and loved ones...even if it is online.


In 10 years I want to be in a stable and happy relationship, have my own place (or on my way to owning it) working in that dream job I mentioned, be in the financial position to afford a comfortable lifestyle and completed all, if not most of the things I want to want to do before I die.


GOOGLE The best search engine I ever used

The New York Times A great way to keep up to date with current events

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