And So it Goes~Musings


Life as we know it to be
is filled with trouble.
often I struggle with issues of faith
and trust-
like Simon Peter I
question what He has chosen.

At night I dream I am
in a boat
filled with twelve,
my brothers in the Bread,
for what we do not know.
I hear my name and look to see
His hand calling me.
My feet meet water, the waves
lapping at my toes, yet
holding them with unnatural strength.
Afraid, I look away,
my liquid floor giving way.
But He is there, and he saves me,
and we walk with our hands held together.

At the end of the day, my mind swirling
with blended thoughts,
I walk alone towards home.
The sky reflects my dismal temper,
raindrops mix with tears,
soaking my cotton shirt.
Head down, I open my eyes to watch
the asphalt under my feet.
Slick and wet, the street has transformed
into a river, black and two cars wide.
My feet splash puddles,
putting up appearances of walking on water.
Amazed, I look to the sky, moving on,
with my hands held together.