And So it Goes~Musings

Like a Rock

My last obsession, you ass!
Do you remember our vacation in Canada?
Last week, when I was home,
I saw your mother in the grocery store-

As I approached her in between
the cheddar and the cheddar and
the two percent milk, her eyes
hardened, and I saw that she remembered.

She spoke well of you. I
think you would be proud, she
lied to me as well as you used to.
I see now where you get it.

Her intent, as she spoke of
all you were doing, was to observe
the pain in my eyes. Youd be proud,
I hid my emotions as well as you used to.
I see now where I get it.

The ice cream is melting, was her excuse
to leave, though I saw that she had none
in her shopping cart.

I asked her to say hello,
though I knew that she would
not. I never understood why
she came to hate me.

And now, as I stand
in my kitchen, my
all natural vanilla
ice cream melting
in my hands

I am amazed
at how well you
taught her to dislike
me. Its funny,
though, because
my mother still loves you.