"The family is one of nature's masterpieces..."-George Santayana






My mum and dad are the rock on which I stand. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have achieved any of my dreams. My parents have supported me through every adversity and every achievement that I have gone through. I have often said that it was my mum's kind words to never give up that enabled me to be accepted to Syracuse University. My graduation from Syracuse is what I consider my greatest achievement (THANKS MUM!).

It is also because of my parents that I am a student in University of Florida's graduate school pursuing a Master's in Mass Communication in Sports Communication.

I am very proud to be their only daughter. Thanks mum and dad for all the sacrifices you have made for me. (All the money that you continue to spend on me is greatly appreciated.)

My Brother Mike is eight years older than I but even the distance in age (as well as in miles) doesn't deter our friendship. Mike lives in "Sunny" Syracuse, NY as works as an accountant. Through the years my brother has always been there with a hug even when I was a pesty little sister who would hide his toys at night so he couldn't play with them after I went to bed.

Mike is an accomplished musician, and can play a mean saxophone, piano, and clarinet. But please, don't ask him to sing.

I consider myself lucky because I have a wonderful, kind, and the best brother any sister could ask for. And ladies, he is SINGLE!

Helen is a like grandmother to me. I only was able to know one of my grandmothers, so when my family moved when I was seven to Heuvelton, NY I adapted Helen as a grandmother. When I was younger Helen would take me to Mc Donald's, shoe shopping at the mall, and at times baby-sat me.

At ninety-one years-of-age, Helen recently became the oldest female resident of Heuvelton, NY. She is a witty golden girl who still has caring words of advice and a laugh to share.

I hope that if I ever see ninety-one years of age, I will look and act like Helen.

Rory is my best friend. Besides mum, Rory is the only other person on earth who really knows and understands me. We met while attending Syracuse. Rory now lives in New York City and is an actor who will make it on Broadway. I can't wait to be in the audience on Rory's Broadway debut (Break-a-Leg Rory!).

Rory is the most caring, loving and "real" person I have ever met. He has taught me alot about life and I love him for that.

This page wouldn't be complete without Jessie Pearl. JP, as mum likes to call her, is the family dog. Jessie Pearl is an active two-year-old cocker spaniel who almost always has to get her way.

Jessie Pearl loves to go for rides in dad's 1924 Model T Ford. If another person wants to go with her and dad, they must think again. Jessie Pearl thinks she owns the automobile!

As you can tell Jessie Pearl loves to eat. My parents have yet to figure out what she won't eat. My suggestion is to stop giving her food to try, but my parents never listen.

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