Life if full of love, challenges, and inspiration,
but most of all life is about proof.
What do I mean?
Throughout life, one must prove that they are capable of the task at hand.
At an early age, one may have to prove to their parents
that they are old enough or mature enough to stay the night with a friend
or undertake the responsibility of a pet.
Both are a challenge of proof.
Probably one's next burden of proof (or at least this was mine)
is proving she is worthy enough to attend the college of choice.
The burden of proof here lies in the ever laboring
grades, extracurricular activities, and test scores.
My question is,
do these things really prove
that one is smart enough or capable of completing the task at hand?
Then there is the resume`,
proving one's self on a piece of paper.
What a crazy idea.
Is it really possible to show how worthy one is on a piece of paper?
I'm not so sure.
Well, whether it is possible or not,
a resume` is something many of us encounter in life to gain that job or career of choice.
So, in this life of proof,
I wish you all good luck in your accomplishments.
~Janessa McMullian


Follow your heart wherever it takes you,
and be happy. Life is brief and very fragile,
and only loaned to us for awhile.
Wake up every morning with the thought that
something wonderful is about to happen.
~Unknown Author