My life according to my 13 year-old sister...

My sister, Priscilla
My sister, Priscilla

My Sister's Life

Do you remember life from your earliest memories to now? We all have thoughts linking us to our familial ties. Among my most precious relationships, is the one I share with my sister. My sister achieved many accomplishments despite obstacles such as a kidney infection from birth, family difficulties, the hardship of working for a college degree; moreover, her life proves that people overcome adversity with support from family.

My sister's life has been quite interesting from birth, till now. Her life began on January 23, 1980. The doctor of the delivery, Dr. Ledden, announced the six pound, ten-ounce baby girl. The birth parents of this baby, Mary Marguerite, and Jeff McMullian, named her Janessa Rene' McMullian. The precious baby girl was born at the old Flagler Hospital on the bay front, in St.Augustine, Florida.

As Janessa's life began to move forward, she came upon many family difficulties. In 1981, an unfortunate matter occurred. Janessa's mother found-out Janessa had a kidney infection. This meant for the rest of Janessa's life, little or no caffeine. Marguerite had to sign many papers for Janessa's medical procedures that could cause Janessa not to be able to have kids. This tragic event was one of the many struggles of her life.

Shortly after Janessa's diagnosis, Marguerite and Jeff divorced. Unfortunately for Janessa, they just weren't made for each other.

After her parents divorce, Janessa and her mother moved in to an apartment. Janessa's mother began dating again. Marguerite met a man named Thomas Whitcomb. Towards the end of 1982, Marguerite and Janessa moved in with Tommy and his six-year-old daughter, Angie. With many days of playing, the two young adolescent girls became closer.

Then in 1985 Janessa's father married a lady named Lynn. On June 20, 1986, Jeff and Lynn had a baby boy named Jeffrey. Janessa had a little brother now. Little Janessa didnít get to see her daddy much, but loved her new baby brother.

In August of 1987, Marguerite and Tommy got married. Angie was the junior bridesmaid and Janessa was the flower girl in the wedding. On September 13, 1988, Janessa and Angie had a new sister. I was the new sister, Mary Priscilla. Janessa loved playing and helping out with the new baby.

After the new addition to the family, Janessa's step-dad, Tommy, decided to build a new house. Now, Janessa was eleven and in the fifth grade. One day while Janessa was roller-skating on the new concrete, she broke her left wrist. Ironically, while in sixth grade, Janessa broke her right wrist.

Unfortunately, in June 1992, a very devastating event occurred. Angie died in a car accident at age sixteen. This was and is very upsetting to everyone! As a few years passed by, everyone tried to regroup themselves and handle life more at ease.

In 1994, Janessa's freshman year at St. Augustine Highschool, she flew on a plane for the first time to Denver Colorado. This was Janessa's first time seeing snow.

Janessa was getting older and now had her learner's permit for driving. Janessa began working at Sonny's BBQ on the weekends in April of 1995. In early 1996, she quit Sonny's to work at Publix. Janessa met her boyfriend Adam Fischer there. They started dating on November 9, 1996.

Finally, Janessa graduated highschool in June of 1998. Janessa graduated in the honors class. Janessa decided to go to the University of Florida,, in Gainesville. alligator at Lake Alice She moved into a student run dorm and held a leadership position by her first year of college.

The decision of moving out of her dorm came upon. Her second year of college she moved to Arbor Park Apartments. Her boyfriend Adam lived with her now as well as her roommate Sarah. This was her first apartment. While in the apartment, Janessa's father divorced again, and moved to Orlando.

In January of 2001, Janessa took an internship at Nickelodeon Studios. She worked on the show, "Slime Time Live," in Orlando. While doing her internship, she lived with her dad for the first time in her life since she was a baby. Janessa managed to get me on one of the "Slime Time Live" shows and I got to watch "112" perform. She also got many autographs from popular singers such as Baha Men, Vitamin C, Billy Gilman, PYT, and many more for me. The internship ended June 2001. Janessa's life was becoming more and more wonderful!

Janessa and Adam moved to, In the Pines Apartments. Adam's sister Erin moved in with them. Janessa found out she was pregnant in March of 2001. me pregnant She told the family the wonderful news Easter night while we were camping. The due date for the unknown sex baby, was November 28, 2001. I went to one of her sonograms, and saw the baby inside of my sister's stomach. It was really touching, and it even brought tears to my eyes of joy.

The new mother, Janessa, ended up having her baby December 1, 2001, while our grandfather and I were watching the Florida-Tennessee football game. The extremely proud parents, Janessa Rene' McMullian, and Adam Lee Fischer, named their baby girl, Anna Lorene Fischer. Little Anna weighed seven pounds, fifteen ounces, and was born at North Florida Regional Medical Center, in Gainesville, Florida. The presence of the new baby made everyone so joyful and full of praise! Fortunately, Janessa was on winter break from school.

While she is attending school, either Adam, or Erin, watches Anna. They have a schedule worked out. Thus all this, Janessa will be graduating college from the University of Florida May 4th 2002. Janessa is majoring in Telecommunication-production, and an outside concentration in Business Administration.

"I hope to find some TV production job where I work with kids in some aspect. Possibly a talent scout for children, or even produce my own children's show one day. But ultimately, my life goal, and what gives me the most pleasure is being a mom." Anna with Animals Janessa wrote me this in an email.

Janessa is now 22 years old, and hopes to get married to Adam soon. She plans on having several more kids, and possibly move back to St. Augustine shortly after she graduates from college. Despite all the difficulties, and obstacles, Janessa's stepfather and her greatly appreciated mother have been there to help her through it with what they could. I admire my sister with all of her terrific accomplishments! I am sure she will accomplish many more. Janessa is a very intelligent and caring person, and I love her very much!