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The Famous Gay Cowboys are a new band erupting onto the South Florida electro-noisecore scene with a unique musical style. This quartet shifts easily from dance inspired beats into brutally aggressive noisecore, making their live shows as intense as having a staring contest with a cobra.

FGC's recordings have been described as "a pure blast of adrenaline that hits after witnessing your own child being trapped underneath an automobile," said Armenian grindcore legend Fartoo Santee.

Local kids and the underground community are embracing FGC with open arms due to their off-the-wall stage antics and unselfish commitment to please
their audience at any cost--including, having a
brand new song recorded for every show that they play.

Brandon a.k.a. Clint Monroe, Chase a.k.a. (the doc olsen twins), Fro a.k.a. Django Hayworth, and Jared a.k.a. Dirty Aguilera round out the Famous Gay Cowboys' lineup. FGC has been featured on www.bisentertainment.com and FGC member Fro also works as musical coordinator for the Breno Morais Show, which can also be found on www.bisentertainment.com .

FGC boasts former members of bands such as Keep Movin' Fella, Mayonnaise Sandwich, The Gunsmith Cats, ChaseSoloProject, Three Rivers, and But(t) My Ass.

If one thing can be said about Famous Gay Cowboys, it is that they are "the future of hard-edged music."

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