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My Mom loves to tell a story about me from when I was little. I was in first grade, and she came into my room to tell me to hurry up and finish dressing for school. Before she could get a word out she stopped. There I was, all of 6 years old, sitting on the edge of my bed and reading a book as I slowly buttoned my uniform blouse. In large part, this defines who I am; a book-worm to the core.

I'm also an American hodge-podge. I'm descended from a possible pirate (I need to research this one more extensively), several U.S. statesmen, a Confederate soldier, German, Italian, English, French, Scotch-Irish and Dutch settlers, and an American Indian (among others), I was born on the U.S. Army base in Fort Polk, Louisiana in 1978. Shortly thereafter, my family moved to Gainesville, Fl while my Dad (Mike) studied for the Bar Exam. In 1981, we moved to Orlando, where my brothers Daniel (the comic and future engineer) and Ethan (the athlete and who knows what else) were born. In 1986, we moved again, this time to Lakeland, Fl in glorious Polk County (My friend Sarah has a theory. Everyone is connected to Polk County in some way...it's like 6 Degrees of Seperation. As far as I can tell, there's some truth to it). My family has lived there ever since.

FSUI attended Santa Fe Catholic High School (where my mom, Mary Lou, now teaches Spanish), then went on to earn a BA in Creative Writing from Florida State University in April 2000.

Although I was raised in a Catholic family, at FSU I grew in my faith through heavy involvement with the Catholic Student Union.

After graduation, I worked for 8 months before deciding to persue a Master of Arts in Mass Communication degree from the University of Florida.

So, 20 years after I left it, I returned to Gainesville to seek my fortunes. They haven't revealed themselves yet.

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Anne Klockenkemper