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I am not one to have a multitude of friends, but the ones I have are better than I could ever ask for. I'm sorry if some of you are left out. Pictures or no pictures, you're every bit as great!

Malena, Kelly and Me
Just call us Charlie's Angels. From the left--Malena, Kelly and me. Is it just me, or does Kelly look like she has no eyes?
Melissa, me, Jen and Kristen
My roommate Melissa, her sister Jen and her sister's roommate Kristen are shown here with me prior to a night out on the town.
Kelley, Kyle, Melissa, JP and Me
Even though Melissa is my only real roommate in this picture, I consider them all my roommates. We have a great time hanging out with Kelley, Kyle and JP.
JP, Jenny and Kyle
This is JP and Kyle with my friend Jenny. I met Jenny in one of my classes Fall 2001, and we've been great friends ever since.
Me and Pinder
This is my friend Pinder. I don't see him that often, but when I do he cracks me up!
Say, is that Jack Hannah?
Always the dare devil, my friend Joe decided to play like he was Jack Hannah on our first trip to Georgia.
Me and Coreen '99-2000
This is me and one of my best friends, Coreen. She's now a teacher in Tampa, and she does a fantastic job.
Me and Melissa, my freshman year roommate
I lived in Miami for a summer with my first roommate Melissa. She moved back after that summer, and I came back to Gainesville. I miss her!

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