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There are few constants in a person's life. People come and go, interests change, we grow up. Everyone experiences these things. Some more drastically than others. In my life, amid all of life's curve balls, these things remain constant: my faith, my parents, and my love of sport.

Dawsonville Pool Room
For as long as I can remember, my Dad has instilled in me a love of sports. Be it watching a football game on TV or taking me to see a NASCAR race, he has been the backbone of my passion for sports. He taught me to delve deeper into each sport, to feel the cars as they race by or to appreciate the sound of helments crashing together in a moment of heated battle.

Sports, for me, began as simply something to enjoy with Dad and turned into my passion. From Major League Baseball to NCAA football to NASCAR, sport transcends the realm of entertainment and athleticism. It is something to talk about, to feel, to experience even when you are not physically involved.
Turner Field Pepsi 400
Regardless of what career path I chose, I always knew it would in some fashion involve sports. While the progress of women in sports-oriented careers has made advancements, some perceptions still exist and serve as barriers to young women beginning the journey to a career in sports. My Mom and Dad have given me support and instilled in me a confidence that I can do whatever I want to do. They have always been there, sitting on the sidelines and cheering on my endeavors.
Pre-Race Festivities
Sport as career. Sport as life.
After all is said and done I am simply a fan.
I have been blessed to go beyond enjoying sports from a 21-inch screen into experiencing the action live and in the presence of some amazing athletes. From Mike Piazza to Richard Petty, I have seen the best. While in college at the University of Central Florida, however, I was able to witness something few others do, the precise moment an athlete turns from playing a game in virtual obscurity to becoming part of the national sports scene. I was able to witness the best-ever Golden Knight, Daunte Culpepper, move from playing college football for an upstart Division I team to becoming the #11 pick overall in the 1999 NFL draft!
Debbie & Daunte