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The nightlife in NYC offers a little something for everyone. My suggestion: Try anything once. Also, buy a guide to New York before you move and find out where the hot spots are. Afterall, you are a tourist. Use tourist resources! As NY residents, your co-workers are also good sources for nightlife ideas.

Here are some parts of NY nightlife I took part in this summer:
  • The Escape Club - an 80's dance club complete with posters of Madonna and cocktails named after your favorite 80's movie.
  • Little Italy - after a long day at work, relax with friends as you dine al fresco at one of Little Italy's fabulous Italian restaurants. The best food in NY in my opinion.
  • Union Square - located close to NYU, this area of town plays host to several bars that cater to a college crowd. Can you say "happy hour?"
  • Baseball - nothing beats a cold beer and a ballpark hot dog way up in the cheap seats. Get a group together and head out to Shae or Yankee Stadium for a night game.
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