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These are two of my oldest friends and surprisingly they still talk to me.

Eddie is on my left. His favorite trick is getting married, but not telling any of his friends. It's a funny story; ask me about it sometime and I'll...your not gonna ask me are you? Forget it.

On my right is Lance; a swinging ladies man by all accounts. He is off the chain, out of the yard and half way down the block.

This is my buddy Nathan. His claim to fame is that he played Teen Angel in his high schools reproduction of Grease. On the cool points side- he does ride a motorcycle.

In this picture you are observing me engulfed in my favorite pastime; heckling. I love to heckle. It's an area I really accel in. I even heckle myself sometimes, just to hone my skills.

This is Max. Now, you may be saying, "Golly, those guys sure look alike." Well, you are the quick one.

Max is most well known, among his friends, for his giggling. When it comes to telling a joke or anything remotely funny it is impossible to understand him because he giggles every other word. Sometimes he doesn't talk; he just giggles. Good guy. Also rides a motorcycle.

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