Why News

Almost every time I tell someone that I want to go into news broadcasting the first thing they say is, "So I'm going to be seeing you on the five o'clock news someday, right?" or they do the "Racquel Hessing reporting live" routine. But as I look back over they years, I've often tried to pinpoint the exact moment that I decided to pursue a career in broadcasting. Growing up, my interests varied and changed with time. At one point or another, I envisioned careers in computers, sports medicine, and psychology. The field that I always came back to though, was broadcasting. Even so, I entered college unsure of what major to pursue. It wasn't until I truly sat down and evaluated by strengths and interests that I finaly decided on news broadcasting as a profession. I had finally come to the realization that it was what I had always wanted to do and in my heart of hearts, something I knew I would succeed in as well.

Usually the next question that I get from people when I tell them that I want to be a news reporter is, "So how is job market looking?". For many new graduates a harsh reality awaits in terms of job availability and I realize that its a highly competitive field. But I also think that drive, determination, and ability goes a long way. And as with any career, knowing the right people doesn't hurt, either.

My goal is to begin my career as a news reporter and gradually work my way up to anchoring and producing positions. I want to eventually work for one of the major networks and go on to produce and or host a morning or primetime news program.

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