I love taking pictures.
These are some of my favorites!

Flamingo Gardens iguanas Dragonfly from Davie, FL Lily from Treetops Park
Treetops Park Bridge Markham Park turtle Gull from West Palm Beach, FL
Sink from Dachau Cactus from Jimenez Mountains Sunset in Norway

Taking pictures is a hobby of mine. I originally thought photo journalism could be fun, but I discovered that I like editing much more. Maybe it's a power trip thing.

I use a Nikon N70, (no longer made) which I won in a contest. Actually, nobody else entered, so I won by default. However, I would like to think, had others entered, that my photos were far superior. We will never know.

Enjoy the pictures and if you would like a copy send me an e-mail for a better scan quality.