I grew up in a small town . . .

How small? Well in the town where I grew up we did things like chase grease covered pigs through a mudhole.

I was raised in Bushnell, Florida. Bushnell is a town of about 4,000 people in the heart of Sumter County. People in Sumter County enjoy football, barbecue and chasing pigs to barbecue.

My brothers enjoyed picking on me from a young age.

I had a childhood like a lot of kids, including two older brothers who loved to torment me, but I guess it made me tough.

My cousin Elizabeth and I in elementary school.

Elizabeth is roughly my same age (she's 3 months older than me). Her and I went to school together at Bushnell Elementary School. She was in school with me all the way through high school. After we both graduated in 1998, we went to different colleges, but we stay in touch and see each other often.

When I turned 16 I was so excited to get my driver's license.

I was so excited that I went right out and got in an accident as soon as I got my first car. The past few years have been relatively uneventful though, hopefully it will stay that way.