Family and Friends

If you have a problem with me these are the people you should go and talk to, because it is probably their fault!

Joking aside, I have a great family. The picture above was taken about 10 years, so imagine everyone 10 years older. My parents are Julian and Mary Harrison. About 28 years ago they decided to make their lives a lot more difficult by bringing my oldest brother P-J into the world. My other brother Tristan and I soon followed. My parents live in Bushnell, Florida. P-J currently lives in Wake Forest, North Carolina, while Tristan and his wife Amber live in Rockville, Maryland outside Washington D.C. My grandmother Eula just turned a youthful 83.

This is P-J, maybe you can see Tristan and Amber too.

This is my girlfriend Amanda and I on spring break in Washington D.C.

These are two of my cousins, Carley and Elizabeth. What's up with those smiles?

My friends and I on a pier, and no, I don't watch Dawson's Creek.