2002 Project

The 2002 Gator Baja vehicle will be implementing many new designs to not only compete but to dominate the 2002 competition. In order to utilize the most out of our 10-hp mid-engine, this years powertrain consists of a custom- designed multiple-output automatic torque converter transmission with a four- speed manual override, connected to a differential rear drive for ground propulsion and a 12-hp propeller with manual tilt for the water events. The suspension in the front consists of 4130-chromoly single a-arms, and in the rear individual aluminum swing-arms allow both independent rear suspension and adequate room to place a prop.

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Aluminum is highly utilized throughout the body design to improve the power-to-weight ratio. Incorporating this lightweight metal are the roll cage, torsion frame, and our revolutionary body design which infuses low-density EPS foam into a dual-skin sandwich of aluminum sheeting. Several other ideas were considered but phased-out, including hydraulic steering, impeller propulsion, and mechanically-actuated suspension.