Aury Aristy is my best friend. We met in Burdines, Dadeland mall about four years ago. Since then we have been unseeable. She is currently majoring in Business Administration at Florida International University. Aury works for Kodak Polygraphics and hopes to manage her own business some day.

Suheil is sophomore, finance major in F.I.U. She is an amazing salsa dancer and has been in casino competitions (cuban salsa). She is currently a full time student.

These are my friends and I on a road trip to N.Y. It was about 4 a.m. and we were in stranded in North Carolina because of a snowstorm.

This is my roomate Juan. We have become really close friends. He is my guardian angel when I get sick.

This is my significant other and I in the Dominican Republic last summer. Thanks to him I've found the true meaning of love.