Writing has been a part of my life ever since I could remember. My mother put me into the habit of writing one page everyday on any topic of my choice. Although I used to give in to her order with great reluctance, with time I have realized how much that practice has facilitated me in my journalistic endevors. Here are some of my works which I treasure a lot. I hope they will aid you in gaining some insight too !!!!

After graduating in Political Science from Loreto College, Calcutta, I worked as a regular feature writer in the 'Asian Age Daily'. While working there, I covered a few stories which gave me eternal fulfilment. To mention one, I wrote about an organization called "Disha", which works for the hapless prostitues in India. Since that organization was going through a financial crunch, through my article I sought sponsorship for it. And as luck would have it, my article caught the attention of a World Bank member, who extended his helping hand and promised to provide financial assistance. That day I realized how true the phrase "pen is mightier than sword" is. Just to keep you informed about the various heart-warming subjects, stirring issues, and enlightening personalities, I have worked on and will be working on, I am presenting this page.Its a sincere effort to let you know the messages and stories I would want to send across the world, as a journalist. Please let me know what you think of it.

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