Here it will be worth mentioning how important my parents are in my life. I have always been a very difficult child with ceaseless demands.But, neither of them ever raised hand on me ever.They have always taken utmost care to make sure that all my needs were satisfied.While puberty when I was full of queries and confusion, they lent their ears and encouraged open discussions about every aspect of life. That helped me to rediscover myself and attain higher level of maturity and awareness. Now when I think back I feel miserable to have given so much of trouble to my ever loving parents, as I was a very difficult child I would nag them perpatually with my never ending whims and fancies. But after a little bit of introspection I recognize the fact that by making me realize my mistake they have helped me to correct myself. They have helped me to become a level headed person that i am today.Thank you GOD for blessing me with such a lovely family!!!