I was born nine long years after my parents wedding since my mother had some gynological problems, which was rectified after an elborate operation. However,if you ask my mother about my birth,she will narrate a weird story. She says that she tried all the possible ways to conceive ; right from sophisticated medical check ups to frantic prayers to God, but failed . Once while she was visiting Kashmir, she came across a "Peer baba" (a fanatic). He gave her a rotten apple to eat and blessed her with motherhood. Coincidentally a few months after that incident, I was born. My mother still believes had she not met that "Peer Baba", she would not have got me.

Three years after my birth, my brother, who is my best friend, was born. My childhood memories revolve around him, and my cousins. I come from a close-knit family where togetherness is valued a lot. I still remember how my uncles used to pamper me, and how jealous my cousins would get because of that. There is one particular memory, which I will never forget. Once, while all the elders were away, my cousins tied me up to punish me for being the apple of everyone's eyes. Isn't that absolutely hilarious? Although we were very small at that time I still remember every moment vividly. Those cricket matches, where my cousins would make me the umpire after I would cry incessantly and throw all kinds of tantrums to be a part of their all boys game; those weekend picnics; and those pillow fights...all those moments will stay alive in my memory forever.

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