I was born 0n 25th July, in Asanol (West Bengal) on the eastern coast of God's own country, INDIA. I lived there with my parents and my younger brother until I arrived here in Gainesville, Florida in July 2001to pursue a post-grad program in Mass Communication here at the College of Journalism and Communication, University of Florida.I love good food and am crazy about coastal Indian seafood. I hate liars and absolutely loathe hypocrites. Although I am shy, I love to meet people and make new friends. I have always been a very ambitious person with numerous dreams buried deep in my heart. I remember how I used to pretend to be a famous personality and give speeches to my imaginary audiences. And so many times my brother caught me doing so. How embarrasing! Yes, I have my own private world which I keep to myself. Its not that I dont wish to share that side of my personality with others, its just that I prefer to keep it unencroached. In my life my brother holds a very important place. I take great pride in him, and why not, he is a "cool dude" who does every little thing perfectly. My parents are my weak points and they have always been so! I hope one day I will succeed to give them all the happiness and contentment they have looked for all these years. And here is a little secret to share, the love of my life is this smashing young fighter pilot called Rajiv.

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