Seven Steps to Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon was in "A Few Good Men" with,
Tom Cruise who starred in "Interview with a Vampire" with,
Brad Pitt, who freaked out audiences in "12 Monkeys" with
Bruce Willis who costared in "The Whole Nine Yards" with,
Salma Hayek who schocked us in "Fools Rush In" with,
Matthew Perry who starred in "Almost Heros" with,
Chris Farley who made us laugh in "Tommy Boy" with,
David Spade who performed in Florida State's Pow Wow with,
me...Amanda Chandler

My Prayer
My prayer, I want to know Thee and I want you to be in the deep part of my heart
where nothing but you, and only you are worthy to come.
I come trembling, but I come knowing that I cannot part from things without inward bleeding
and I do not try to hide my fear from you.
Please deroot from my heart all that I cherish
all things that have become a part of my living self,
so that you may enter and dewell without competition.
Then you may make my feet straight in the direction to which you point me.
Then my heart shall have no need of the sun to shine in it,
for Thyself will be the light for it and there will be no night there.
In Your Name I Pray

Give Him my burden,
let Him have it all.
It is not mine,
His hands have set me free.
He knows what is best,
today, tomorrow and all the rest.
His will is perfect,
His will is peace.