Welcome to Ticos in Gainesville, the Costa Rican association of students and citizens living in town and studying at the University of Florida.

Franklin, Valerie, Mario, Nacho (red shirt), Daniel, Vanessa, Arturo, Luis and Adriana.

Ticos en Gainesville was founded in January, 2002. A small number of costarricans were studying at the University of Florida but very few had met the rest of us. In the Fall of 2001, several Costa Rican students arrived to UF and began meeting each other, almost by coincidence.

When we became friends, we realized that it would have been very useful to had met other costarricans before coming to Gainesville.

Why? Because we would have avoided paying hotel fees during the first days, we would have known how to rent an apartment, which are the best areas to live in town, how convenient is to live on campus or off campus, where to take the buses, and when and with whom to hang out during the weekends. Even more, we would have known where to find rice and beans to cook Gallo Pinto!

That is Ticos en Gainesville: a group of friends who try to make life easier for everybody. We organize social activities, we join to watch the soccer matches of "la Sele" (the Costa Rican soccer team), we celebrate our members' birthday and we help to make life in Gainesville a better experience.

Be very welcome to Ticos en Gainesville!

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