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Focus of Program

I am in the masterís program in the Department of Entomology and Nematology at the University of Florida. I got my undergraduate degree in journalism at UF in 1999.

So why study bugs?

Why not? Insects are fascinating. And the study of insects affords all sorts of opportunities to study other biological topics such as botany or plant pathology. I am taking a wide variety of courses to broaden my scientific background with plans to become a scientific editor or writer. I am particularly interested in publishing on the Web.

My time in the newsroom has taught me that there is a need for people who can bridge the gap between scientists and the public and act as a translator of sorts. Many scientific advances and discoveries don't have an immediate impact large enough to attract mass media attention. The information goes unnoticed by the general public. Gradually, more and more scientific information is being posted on the Web in formats easy for nonscientists to access and understand, such as at IFAS' Featured Creatures site. But the rate is horribly slow in light of the amount of information available.


  • Survey of Entomology
  • Insect Classification
  • Insect Physiology
  • Nematode Ecology
  • Local Flora
  • Biology and Natural History of Fireflies
  • Six-Legged Science and Society
  • History of Science in Popular Culture
  • Survey of Electronic Communications

Selected Publications

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