It's All About ME

Name: Arleene Barrios
D.O.B.: March 21st
Hometown: Miami Lakes, Florida
Major: Telecommunication
Weakness: I'm sucker for cookies, ice cream, and milk chocolate. I'd give up my dinner plate for dessert any day. Dentists get rich off of me.
Good Traits: I'm very outgoing!!! I make friends at the bus stop all the time. I'm very BLUNT, though I'm not sure if that's a good thing.
Quick BIO: Both of my parents were born in Cuba and came in the "Mariel" in 1980. Shortly after, I was born. We lived in New Jersey until I was 2 yrs. old and moved to Miami afterwards because the cold weather made me sick. I am the oldest of two. My brother and I fight like "cats and dogs," because we are completely different worlds.
I graduated from Hialeah-Miami Lakes Sr. High (Go orange and blue!), and have been at UF since Summer B 2000.