"HOT" Spots

If you've never gone past the state you live in, let me tell you some exciting places you need to check out. If some one where to ask me "If you could go anywhere, where would it be?" I'd say--CUBA. You're probably thinking I'm as crazy as they come. Actually, Cuba is my most visited country. Currently it is legal to visit the island. And yes, flights are direct (only 45mins.!). I've been spending my summer vacation there since the age of 10. If your in for the real Cuban experience, I suggest you stay at one of the hostals not the hotels. The people are extremely hospitable! My Aunt has a beautiful colonial home in Santiago de Cuba and always has rooms booked. Here's the info you need to know:

Lodgin hostal-tourist service
San Felix-Hartman No. 213
% Maceo y San Mateo
Santiago de Cuba
Tel. (011) 53-226-651-297
Ask for: Maria Elena Ponce

Another fun place to visit is Cancun, Mexico. That's where I spent my spring break. I wouldn't want to go into much detail on how great of a vacation it was, but I will share with you what I learned.

1. You will drink more Tequila and "red juice" than you can contain.
2. Never shop at full price. When the salesperson gives you the price of the silver ring you like, offer him a lot less.
3. Careful with traffic, vehicles don't stop for anyone.
4. Don't scream out your hotel and room number at a club unless you want weird people calling you all week.
5. Make sure you bring TIP money, or else they won't serve you your food.
6. Some say money isn't everything in life, but in Cancun, it can get you out of anything.
7. Plan on spending lots of $$$
8. Every night is the best night. But you don't want to miss the "Foam Party."
9. The Party Package is strongly recommended. We didn't get the meal plan, and spent more $ on food than we should have, so get that too.
10. And DON'T drink the water! Or you will come back with the curse of Montezuma (the runs!). Catch the bus to Walmart in downtown and buy lots of gallons.

Me, Mariam, Melanie, Giselle

Cancun Info.