I've been all over the U.S. and I've even seen a little of Europe.

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The Grand Canyon

when I was in 8th grade, my mom, my sister and I flew to Arizona for
spring break. Debbie and I thought it would be cool to jump up and
down while my mom took pictures, hoping one would look like we were
falling into the canyon. It didn't work.


Highlands, N.C.

A few years ago my mom made her

dream purchase of a little mountain

cabin. The mountain comes complete with

bears and raccoons.




My sister Kim gave my
parents a trip to Alaska for
Christmas 2000. She and her
husband were to join them,
but he had to work so I took
his place. I had so much fun
catching this 60 pound King
Salmon. That was the first
time I'd gone wading. It was
worth the 40 minute struggle.


Honolulu, H.I.

My senior year of high school was packed with travel.

I went to Hawaii with a friend of mine. Her father lived off

Diamond Head. There was a rainbow every morning and I

started drinking Kona coffee. I left determined to live there

one day.



The colosseum

As I said, lots of travel in 12th
grade. I went on this trip- with 2 english
eachers and some other seniors- to Italy,
Switzerland, Paris and London. what a
phenomenal adventure. Some local over there asked
me if I was a movie star-- right!



The Louvre

The Louvre was the one of the highlights of Paris. The only thing I liked better was touring Roudin's house. The rest of Paris I can do without!



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