In May of 2000, the entire Wellman family managed to gather at my Father's house in Sebastian, FL, for a great reunion. Our patriarch, my Grandfather Frank, presided over the festivities, which lasted four days. Our "anti-nuclear" family reunion included all of my immediate family, including my mother and Stepfather, all of my paternal "step-relatives", and all of my paternal uncles, aunts, and associated cousins. A great time was had by all!

Group photo IDs start on the back left and continue around clockwise. Enjoy!

Anne holding Emily, Me, Dad, Connie, Granddad, and Eric is holding Justin

Mom and Phil - this year is their 10th wedding anniversary!

Granddad, Mom, Anne holding Emily, and Me

David, Dad, Darlene, Michael's holding Brandon, Diana, Tyler, Connie, Julie, and Mark's holding newborn Ashley

All the Wellman Cousins:
Tom, Greg, Anne, Mindy, Me, Marley, Chris, and Brian

The Wellman Family!!!!


Amy Wellman
Last Update: March 15, 2001