My Nephew Justin
and Me

Or, How I Am IMMEDIATELY Related to Wellmans, Smiths, Jones', Coburns, Postons, Williams', and Bakers!!!!

My family is representative of the new "anti-nuclear" family so familiar to members of my generation. My parents divorced over 15 years ago, and have each re-married very happily. I have a plethora of step-siblings and nieces and nephews, so the following is an attempt to force some order on the chaos:

  • My Mother, Marty, and Stepfather, Phil, live in Maryland;
  • My Father, Jim, and Stepmother, Connie, live in Florida;
  • My Sister, Anne, her husband, Eric, and children, Justin and Emily, live in Georgia;
  • My Stepsister, Sandra, lives in Maryland;
  • My Stepsister, Tammy, her husband, Jeff, and children, Jordan and Nick, live in Maryland;
  • My Stepbrother, John, his wife, Jeanne, and son, Jake, live in Maryland;
  • My Stepsister, Julie, and her husband, David, live in South Carolina;
  • My Stepsister, Darlene, her husband, Michael, and son, Brandon, live in South Carolina;
  • My Stepsister, Diana, her husband, Mark, and children, Tyler and Ashley, live in Florida.
WHEW!!! Makes for some crazy Christmas lists!

In addition, my Grandfather, aunts, uncles, and cousins are spread, quite literally, across the continent. It's great to have such an extended family.

My Dad and Me

If you'd like to take a gander at some more of my crazy kin, step on over to the Wellman Family Reunion Page.


Amy Wellman
Last Update: March 15, 2001