Since Home Pages are the ultimate in narcissism, I guess I'll indulge myself and open up a little. I am 32 years old, divorced, and I live in Gainesville, Florida.

Mugging for the camera here is Hannah, my four-year-old Chocolate Lab-Mix. I also have two ten-year-old cats, Charlie and Waldo.

I've been in Gainesville for the past three years, attending the University of Florida. I'm about to graduate from the College of Journalism and Communications with a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication and a minor in History. It's been a great experience - finishing college was a long-delayed goal of mine. The College has a great program - I've been working in radio and television production while in school. I'm looking forward to graduating and returning to the real world, but have really enjoyed my studies.

To find out how I spent my time before returning to school, check out MY RESUME. And don't miss out on the opportunity to learn about MY FAMILY.


Amy Wellman
Last Update: March 15, 2001