Chevy Chase

(a.k.a. Irwin Fletcher, Clark W. Griswold, Ty Webb)

A true comedic genius, Chevy Chase's hilarious moments can be traced to Saturday Night Live. We'll ignore most of his new stuff as it pales in comparison to his cult classics: "National Lampoon's Vacation," "European Vacation," "Christmas Vacation," "Vegas Vacation," "Spies Like Us," "Fletch," "Fletch Lives," "Caddyshack," and "Caddyshack II."

Famous Last Words:

"Can I refill your egg nog, get you something to eat,
drive you out to the middle of nowhere, leave you for dead."
--Christmas Vacation

"Be the ball." -- Caddyshack

"You using the whole fist there, doc?" -- Fletch

Check out these websites if you're looking for a good laugh:

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Great audio files of Fletch quotes!

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If you think you're a Caddyshack fan, check out carlspackler.com!

Jimmy Buffett

Cheers to the man who said, "Life is just a tire swing" Despite being kicked out of an NBA game recently, Jimmy Buffett still reigns supreme in the eyes of parrotheads like myself. Having been to six of his concerts, I can tell you Margarittaville is the place to be!

Visit Margaritaville--the official home for parrotheads.
Check out a photo from a Buffett concert in Raliegh, N.C. 1994

Living in Florida

At left: Enjoying one of the perks of UF -- Gator games


Tampa Bay Bucs game

Cedar Key Seafood Festival

UF Homecoming Game

Tubing on the Itchetucknee

Camping in Ocala National Forest

Even though Gainesville has no beach, I've grown to love it. You simply can't beat the weather and the sporting events. As much as I've loved my time here in Florida, I definitely miss the coast, my family and my Sewanee friends!

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Chevy Chase photo courtesy of: Tom's Comedy Quotes
Parrot courtesy of: Sheri Butler and the Spot