Fiesta, Mexican Style

"Oh Mexico it sounds so sweet with the sun sinkin' low. The moon's so bright like to light up the night, make everything all right" - James Taylor
Mazatlan Pool
Mazatlan and Rosarita are just two of many vacation hot spots in Mexico where people's eyes are opened to a completely different culture while relaxing in a fiesta and siesta atmosphere. Make sure to visit the restaurant and bar at Senor Frog's as well as the street vendors who make their living creating and selling authentic Mexican items. Parasailing over the Pacific Ocean is a must as well as making sure you have applied plenty of sunscreen. However, I am offering a bit of advice; be very careful when you buy fruit and chocolate. It may not taste the way you would expect. For those with an adventurous spirit, visit Morelia, an old city nestled in the mountainous region of Michoacan.
Mexico es la ciudad de la fiesta!

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