THE DON on an important phone call:

WELCOME! Wussup! What's the deal! I'll try to be a good host. This is a new endeavor for me. So, just click around the menu and see what you like. My suggestion is to try to the Top 5 and All About me sections. I heard they're the best. Sh$%#, I forgot to introduce myself. My name's Amar Shah. I'm a junior at the University of Florida. I'm the star bench warmer for the basketball team. Coach Donovan says the day I become a starter is the day I grow over six feet tall. There is indeed hope. Anyway, hope you enjoy the site and if you don't, well, it won't really affect me. It might. But I'm going to the NBA, so I don't care. I'll have more money and more women than you. I will make a dope hip hop album and win an academy award and marry Natalie Portman. Oh, can't I dream?

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