televisionwätch, vt.
1. to look with close attention
2. to view mentally and keep information about
3. to be on alert for

Oh boy. As if I hadn't provided myself with enough embarrassment to entertain the masses - I decide it'll be fun to put pictures on the 'Net. Crazy. Thumbnails that are clicked will open a new window with the full picture in it. Look below thumbnails for a picture description.

fragment of little mandy fragment of mandy and mom fragment of mandy and bill fragment of wedding
fragment of halloween fragment of post prom fragment of benneton crew fragment of walmart galavanting
fragment of mandy and erin fragment of barn dance fragment of monkeys, mandy and erin fragment of mall shots
fragment of young life camp fragment of dave and mandy fragment of busch gardens fragment of mandy and steve
fragment of mandy and joey fragment of lance and mandy fragment of jc and mandy fragment of bass-man and manders

1. Even at age three I was anal retentive about hearing myself sing. Nice Shirley Temple curls.

2. Check me out, jamming out on my ghetto guitar. Mom was my first and only fan.

3. Most people adore this picture of my brother and I. But look closely, I think I was trying to strangle him...

4. Take a good look and remember it, because wedding gear is not in my near future.

5. Bonnie, without Clyde, of course. He was proabably shagging a cheerleader.

6. Post-prom with Kristen proved to be more fun than during prom with my octopus of a date.

7. And you thought Saved By The Bell was clique-happy... Cara, me, Becky, Amy and Mindy represent Tennent Panther-style. Word.

8. There is no shame in reading Bop at 3 a.m. during dead week. Really, you know you've done it.

9. RiversWilde after a Jacksonville show. Notice the smiles - we were just thrilled we didn't get booed.

10. Take a bunch of friends and throw in barn and square dancing and you know what you get? Dorks.

11. Look, Mandy and Erin and the 2001 UF Pike pledge class. ::smirk::

12. If you get bored enough and like to make a fool out of yourself, I suggest taking pictures in the mall. Incredibly fulfilling.

13. Spot the non-middle school student. Can't do it? Hmm, no wonder no one takes me seriously. YoungLife camp makes me feel 12 again.

14. Dave "I Love Matt Bonner" Driver and I during a delirious camp moment and time away from helatious 6th graders.

15. Busch Gardens is only good when you sacrifice laundry quarters to soak unsuspecting morons on the Rapids ride. Dave, me, Erika and Caline made H2O squirting a sport. Score.

16. S-to the-E-V-E. My favorite Brooklyn native, this guy is my long lost twin - we share a brain and an affinity for randomness. He rocks hard and is cooler than his famous cousin.

17. And heeeeeeeere's the famous cousin. Joey is still great, even if he isn't Steve. Regardless, I like it when he asks "How you doin'?"

18. The Mississippi Albino and yours truly in New York. Can't say I find the tiger shirt fashion forward, but who asked me anyway?

19. I don't know if it's just me, but this MMC alumn named JC seems a bit starstruck by one-half of RiversWilde. Hmm, maybe it's the cleavage.

20. A quiet moment for Lance and I. Quiet until five seconds later when 5 12-year-olds who had hunted him down squealed in delight, attacked and nearly ripped off all his clothes. Poor kid.