ex·plãin', vt.
1. to make plain, clear
2. to give meaning or interpretation of
3. give illustration of, to state reason for

We each have sections of our life that individually satisfy us. Together they add up to something more. But apart, they are nothing more than fragments.

See that faded picture in the background?

Yep, the one you can't miss unless you are legally blind. That's Lance Bass and I.

You don't know who Lance Bass is? Hmm. Well, he's one-fifth of NSYNC - you know, that group of five college aged men who dance around and sing sort of bubble-gum-aww-baby-i-love-you-come-back songs. They get a lot of chicks for dorks that croon trivial rhymes. Lance, well, he makes a lot of money, more than I will ever comprehend - but he sucks at playing MarioKart. That picture, however, would probably garner enough money to pay off my college loans if sold on E-bay. I don't know why, but it would.

Ahem, but that's not the point. And believe me, I do have one.

Lance is the reason you're here.

Granted, you may not have known it when you surfed on in here - but this kid is the Moses of this page and you're riding the wave of a Red Sea.

It was two years ago during a concert tour stop in New York - and no, I'm not going to tell the story of how plain ole me got to rub elbows with pop princes. Anyway, back to the story...

During the week long hotel stay, I had time to sit around with Lance and talk much about nothing. He was affable enough, trying to explain how his famous life worked, and why it just made sense to him - wheras college didn't. I spent the better half of a day giving a run down of school for this 20-year-old boy who had absolutely no reason for hearing about it. No reason other than that he wished so badly that he wasn't forgoing those years of normal young adulthood.

And as I whined and waxed on about how sucky actually doing homework and taking tests that have no real bearing on my future as a publicist were, Lance stopped me mid-sentence and shook his head.

"They're just fragments on a student's discourse...small pieces that will someday make you better for having them."

I don't think I understood his statement for a long time. Sometimes I still don't. But the important thing is it made me look at myself and search for what made me tick. And that, my friends, is why you're here.

There are different segments of my life that are displayed within this site. From writing (fiction and lyrics) and pictures of stupid things to a rundown of my likes and dislikes - Fragments has all you need to know about my life as a college co-ed.


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