soccer ball plãy, v.
1. action or motion that is free or light
2. to engage in a game or performance
3. to do something in fun

I like to play. I do it often. What do you do to play? Are you embarrassed?
Don't be, for gosh sakes, I'm 21 and still like Britney Spears. Yes, I'm serious.

Anyway, I do subscribe the the mantra, "work now, play later," but feel that later tends to come more frequently than it should. There are several sites on the Internet that pique my interest and hold me captive for several hours at a time. Really, I think it's a sickness.

Below are some of my favorite site links that I hope will provide you the same fun and enjoyment it does me.

Mighty Big TV - The epitome of sarcasm and parodies is located in one sector of the vast internet. Designed to poke fun of the dramas on ABC, WB, and Fox, the crew here makes sure that humor is found in every episode of otherwise bland programming.

Popcentric [dot] Com - The premier site on the web for all the cheezy pop music needs. The latest info is always posted at the top and bottom of the day, in case you can't live without your Spears updates.

Monster [dot] Com - My parents keep hinting that life after college is something I need to be thinking aobut. I made this derivation from the business suit and briefcase they bought me. Naturally, because I am so 'Net savvy (cough), I like to frolic through Monster's beautiful search engines to find my future job. Except rock star doesn't seem to be listed...

Pixi - A domain that provides me with all the fun fonts that allow me to screw around during Visual Communication! Word to your mother.