fish gîrl, n.
1. a female child; any young unmarried woman
2. a sweetheart
3. the webmaster

You love me, you really love me. Okay, probably not. Regardless, you can learn all about the whacked mind that thought this random and cozy spot on the net up. Just don't hold my bad taste against me.

Hi, my name is Amanda Lee

Age – 21
Height – 5’3”
Weight – Less than an elephant
Hair – Blonde/Brown
Eyes – Hazel
Family – Lee, Dee and Will (17)
Nicknames – Peaches, Mandy, Manda
Alma Mater – William Tennent H.S. (Warminster, Pa.)
Status – University of Florida public relations senior
Aspirations – Work in sports-entertaiment industry/train sea otters

Here's Your Ultimatum
Book – “Anne of Green Gables” by Lucy Maude Montgomery
Group – U2 or Toad the Wet Sprocket
Color – Green
TV Show – ESPN Sportscenter or Saved By The Bell
Food – Philly Cheesesteak
Actor – Val Kilmer
Actress – Meg Ryan
Song – "Honestly For You" by Tony Lucca
Month – July
Rainy Day Solution – Walking and singing in the drizzle
Movie – The Cutting Edge
Store – American Eagle
Inside Joke – “::pssssht:: niner.”
MTV Vee-jay – Brian McFayden
Disney Character – Tigger
Guilty Pleasure – A one-pound bag of M&M’s
Class – Journalism or on-air reporting
Video - "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys
Flower – Peach rose
Athlete – Gary Hall, Jr. (Olympic swimming champion)
Animal – Sea otter
Getaway – The tree in the back corner of my elementary school field
Sport – Swimming
Phrase – “For the love of all things holy…”
CD – “Jars of Clay” by Jars of Clay

Things That Annoy Me More Than Lou Pearlman
The new MTV Vee-jay.
Being alone
Unwarranted criticism
People with no creativity or originiality
Spears’ rendition of “Satisfaction”
Having to wear makeup
Not expressing myself coherently
Being dressed up with nowhere to go
Gainesville’s lack of jobs
Nick Carter
Evil looking clowns
People who try too hard
Losing an argument
Losing a good friend

Hit Me Baby, For The First Time
Concert – Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers
Kiss – Derek Roberts
Time Flat Out Wasted – Ganster’s 1997 on my 18th birthday
Car – 1985 volvo station wagon, the REO Speedwagon
Love – Jesus Christ
Date – Chad (Cahill?) Garson, the dinner/movie/dancing route
Words – Da-da
Song sung solo – "Will You Still Love Me?" by the Shirelles
Tape – "Everly Brother's Greatest Hits" by the Everly Brothers
Boy Daddy Worried About (With Reason) - Steve Hagberg

Back To The Future
3 CD's In Player – "Crash" (Dave Matthews Band) : "Chicago's Greatest Hits" (Chicago) : "No Stings Attached" (*NSYNC)

Stupidest Thing Done – Driven straight through to Pennsylvania from Florida on one-hour sleep

Favorite Country Song – "Crazy" by Patsy Cline

Most Embarrassing Moment – The "meeting" of Joey Fatone in Virgin Megastore. Not my finest moment, "I've got the keys, and you can't go home wi-" ::trips:: Big Red, you looked great...

Boyfriend? - Hahahahahahaha. No. Hahahahaha

Plans In A Decade – Have a loving husband, have a brood of kids, being the Gatorade-toting, mini-van driving soccer mom

Last Random Thing Done – Performed for no audience in the West Palm Ampitheater

Greatest Unconfessed Sin – Paintballed the Pike Firetruck

Unfulfilled Dream – Be a successful and respected singer/actress

Possible Names Of Kids – Kathleen Anne, Daniel Peyton, Maggie Mae, Andrew Stephen, Summer Lynn, Sean Christopher...Irish much?

Joke Of The Moment – "You're like an upside down rainbow. Your smile brings out the sun..."

Last Movie Seen - The Mexican

Song Stuck In Head - "Can't Be Messing 'Round" by Craig David

Thing Most Like To Do Now - Watch Saved By The Bell

There's a lot more, but come on - how much do you need to know? If you are burning to know anything else, e-mail Mandy