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The University of Florida Equestrian Team is a member of Zone 5, Region 4 in the Intercolligiate Horse Show Association.

Cacchione Cup Standings
Name Points School
Courtney Petersen 93 Florida
Theresa Dysleski 71 Charleston
Marianna Bishop 65 Georgia Southern

The Cacchione Cup is an award for the rider that has accumulated the most points throughout the year. The rider then advances to Nationals to ride in a elite class.

There are three types of equestrian events to compete in at english horse shows. Jumpers are scored based on a system of "faults". Ideally, you want to be the fastest clear round in the class. (clear means to leave all the rails up)

Hunters are juding the horse and their form.

The third type is equitation. Equitation judges the riders form and style.
Types of Jumps: Vertical --- Straight up and down fence with no spread width to it; appears simple, but it is one of the most difficult for the horse to jump. The Wall --- Solid looking, with top sections which can be dislodged resulting in faults. Oxers --- Two elements in one jump to create a spread; parallel oxers present the most difficulty. Triple Bar --- A spread fence with three elements of graduating height; very wide but relatively easy to jump. Combination --- Series of two or more fences one or two strides apart. A refusal of any fence requires the horse and rider to re-jump the entire combination. Water Jump --- A broad jump of 12' - 16'; a low hedge or fence usually, but not always, marks the leading edge; horse must clear the tape on the far side of the jump or incur jumping faults. Gate --- Vertical jump made to appear solid byusin planks, gates, brush or balustrades.