If you've made it this far then I am thoroughly impressed with your ability to endure a ride I'd like to call Tom Melba's ego trip. The purpose of this area is to delve deeper into my inner-self, so to help you better understand who I am. Well, here I go.

I am a Florida native, which is a rare accolade in the Sunshine State, considering the fact that most residents in this fine state are transplants. Most of course are from New York and are hideous fans of the NY Jets, which introduces one of my passions in life. The Miami Dolphins. As shallow as this may sound some of my most memorable moments as a child are the memories I have of going to Phin games with my father, Thomas Melba and losing my voice for a week. This enjoyment I find with professional sports has always been a driving force behind my career aspirations and hopefully this goal of mine will be achieved with hard work and a little luck.

Speaking of luck, aside from my cigar smoking, boat loving, bookworm of a father I call Poops... I also have a mother, Miera Melba, who makes any momma's boy jealous and a sister named Megan I am proud to say is one of my closest friends.

As I was saying earlier I grew up in South Florida with my feet dangling off a sea wall, a fishing pole in one-hand and baseball cards in the other, not to mention my pesky little sister always at my side.

Fast forward to 1998, the summer after my graduation from the Univeristy of Denver. It was during this time of my life when I realized the season of backyard barbecues was quickly maturing into a season of pumpkins and scarves in the Mile High City and I was not looking forward to another winter in Denver. I recently finished "On the Road," by Jack Kerouac and followed the instinct most 22-year olds hold dear... independence.

I consolidated everything I owned to fit in my car and hit the road. Stops included a wedding in Iowa, relatives in Chicago, a visit to my dad's hometown in Tenafly, New Jersey, a trip to Massachusett's coastal boot... Cape Cod, a sailing venture to Martha's Vineyard and Newport, Rhode Island then I took a bite out of the Big Apple for a weekend. After all this I ended up in Charleston, South Carolina where I lived for two years before attending graduate school. As far as my personality goes many might say I'm a bit perverse, but in a positive way. I believe firmly that laughter is one of the keys to happiness in life, thus I commit much of my time trying to make those around me feel the joy of "Melba Toast." Enough of the cheese I hope you've enjoyed the ride and if you have any comments feel free to contact me. Take care.

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